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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  
Proactively Manage Your ERP Platforms
Develop seamless, integrated application performance
Companies from every industry have long understood the benefits of integrating business-critical application solutions within their ERP platforms. Integrating two applications from the same vendor is considered a challenge, but integrating applications from a variety of vendors is even more difficult, which is why you need an experienced team to help overcome your ERP roadblocks.

Adding to the complexity of integration is the fact that solutions have begun to move away from vertical architectures that are product-centric and relatively inflexible, toward horizontal architectures that are built to be more adaptive for our customer-centric era of specialization. This new vision adds a high level of complexity that demands appropriate architecture, customization features and installation procedures.

ProActive has the experience to deliver proven ERP platforms in this horizontal environment. We excel at using an SOA approach and also use our fluency in XML, web services and other integration standards for a seamless marriage of applications. This experience ensures a streamlined, stress-free ERP integration.
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